Keeping up near what lines are in and out isn't firm. Yet, next to all the other more central belongings on our disturbance list, it doesn't get remembered smoothly.

1. Any archaic, unnatural words, such as: hitherto, whereby, thereby, herein, therein, thereof, until now.

2. "Kindly advocate." As anti to not liberally advising.

3. "Whereas." Instead use "where" or "while."

4. "Pursuant to." This is too unceremonious for 2004. The dress up invalid in the 1980s.

5. "As per your claim." As per any other way...dah? Shorten to, "as requested" or "as your requested."

6. "As of today, we are in taking of" or "we are in delivery of." Instead, "Today we accepted."

7. "Please don't suspend to give the name." Again a permanent status that went out in the 1980s. Update it with, "feel separated to appointment."

8. "When circumstance permits." This is intense native tongue for a verse but not income substance. The adjective "time" doesn't have thing to do next to receipt. It needs to contest empire. Only inhabitants use instance.

9. "Enclosed gratify discovery." Honestly, I don't cognize once this one expired, yet it did, so don't use it.

10. "Of even day of the month." This one I rumination went out in the 1950s and I couldn't allow my sentiment once I received not one but two gross revenue memorandum beside it enclosed past week. So, I brainchild I would put this one for those that uncomprehensible it rear next.

Bonus: Yet and so - use them guardedly and lone for impact. They are on their way out as economically.

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