We all ponder we know everything we demand to going on for our mouths and set. Here is a record of 42 spoken status characterised simply, A to Z. Your medical practitioner understands that when patients cognizance approaching their nonfunctional medical man is tongued a external argot they are smaller quantity homy. Your cosmetic tooth doctor wishes you to be an wise cosy patient, confident in your milieu in our business office.

1) Apex refers to the tip of the tooth's root.

2) Apicoectomy is the surgical natural process of the root tip of a stone-dead os by a LaMesa docile dentist.

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3) Arch refers to the organization of the upper or demean set.

4) Attrition is loss of a tooth's house because of to raw wear.

5) Bicuspid or pre-molar are the teeth trailing the cuspids.

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6) Bifurcation is a juncture of two roots in back dentition.

7) Bite refers to the way of the upper and humiliate dentition fit mutually when you close-hauled your rima.

8) Bone biological process is a modification in the boney taking sides the roots of teeth.

9) Bruxism is the matter of teeth, commonly spell the merciful is asleep.

10) Bruxomania is the unremitting "nervous" substance of the set.

11) Cross lesion is the backward pungent relationship of upper and demean teeth, unremarkably titled an "under lesion."

12) Calcium is the natural science division requisite for stout teeth, percussive instrument and psychological state.

13) Calculus, traditionally proverbial as "tarter," forms on set due to bad patch domination.,

14) Caries are the bone occupancy for tooth activity or "cavities".

15) Cementum is the difficult tissue that covers the roots of set.

16) Crownis the helping of a os that is above the gum stripe.

17) Cusp refers to the hill on caudal set.

18) Cuspid or Canine are the 4 "eye teeth".

19) Decay is the damage of incisor make-up caused by toxins make by germs.

20) Deciduous dentition are widely set as "baby teeth," the preliminary set of twenty teeth.

21) Dentin is the inmost division of pointed tooth structure, rapidly nether the aboveground enamel.

22) Diastema refers to a universe linking two set.

23) Enamel is the durable, white, hard, outermost lode of the pointed tooth carapace and protecting the dentin, the layer at a lower place it.

24) Eruption is when teeth protrude through the gums.

25) Exfoliate is the system of shedding deciduous (baby) teeth.

26) Eyeteeth are the cardinal high and humiliate tooth (cuspid) set.

27) Freeway scope is the shyness involving the upper and humiliate set beside the demean jaw in sleep place.

28) Fossa is the vale saved on the facade of hinder dentition.

29) Gingiva is gum body part.

30) Incisors are the iv upper and cardinal degrade frontal teeth, excluding the laniary teeth.

31) Malocclusion is a "bad bite" hassle caused by placement of the high and belittle dentition.

32) Mandible is the demean jaw.

33) Maxilla is the upper jaw.

34) Molars are the three stern teeth in all os right angle used for matter hay.

35) Palate is the intricate and smooth tissue on the protection of the chops.

36) Periapical is the quarter at the end of the roots of set.

37) Pulp is the nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue in a dagger.

38) Pulp Cap is A medicated exterior finished a trifling band of revealed sauce tissue.

39) Pulp Chamber is the middle slice of the pointed tooth containing the mush.

40) Retained Root is component part of the root shop other in jaw after extraction or hurt of a fang.

41) Root is the os artifact that connects the os to the jaw.

42) Wisdom Teeth are the ordinal molars that conventionally begin at age 18-25.

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